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The virus sticks to hands, clothes, belongings, everything around it.
SOYCO can be sprayed all over the body from the top of the head to the tip of the foot.

SOYCO is a non-alcoholic antiviral and antibacterial agent composed mainly of soy extractamino acids.
You can use it with peace of mind to touch the thing that the child touches with high safety.

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- How to use -
Spray directly on what you want to deodorize, or wipe it in a clean cloth or paper.
・You can keep a clean environment by spraying the table (or including it in the cloth) when wiping the table.
There is no need for dilution.
No need to wipe twice.

- Use -
Remove viruses from cloth products, curtains, carpets, tables, chairs, doorknobs, closets, shoeboxes, toilet seats, automotive, air-conditioning filters, PC keyboards, mice, stuffed animals, pets, etc., at work and in every part of the home. It also has a strong effect even in deodorant applications.

- Ingredients -
Soybean extraction oil, amino acid mixture, surfactant, thylate agent, high-function composite water, etc.

- Precautions for use -
◇Do not use it for anything other than applications.
◇Because the one that the fiber which is weak to water (silk, rayon, acetate, etc.) and waterproofing, etc. are subjected to the stain, please try it in the place which does not stand out beforehand.
◇Do not use leather, fur, Japanese clothing, white wood, etc. It may damage the texture.
◇If you inhale in large quantities, you may feel discomfort in your throat. Please improve the ventilation of the room when using it in large quantities.
◇ Do not place it within reach of infants.
◇ Wash away with a large amount of water if it enters the eyes.
◇ If you swallow it by mistake, drink a large amount of water.
◇ Do not spray directly on food.
◇Store in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight.
◇ Please use it by increasing the frequency instead of spraying it in large quantities for a persistent smell.


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